World Expo 2005
Aichi, Japan
Complete Waste of Time


The entrance. She was/is a robot that would respond to some basic questions. It was cool. A big screen and the Bio-Lung. See right. The Bio-Lung was a wall of greenery that was supposed to counter the ozone problem. Air was easy to breathe in it.

This is something that will be cool one day. When you look through the telescopes you see the actual area, but you also see super imposed things, like a mad Mammoth.
            (mad because of the line)

A Ferris wheel that had a big TV screen inside the covered part. Two pavilions we couldn't get into. Oh look, what is this? Are we standing in line?
Saudi Arabia had some money in theirs. India's was cool and big. China's had money and a nice set up, but little to look at. We walked around expecting to see something then we were at the exit. The row of Asian country pavilions.
The new MagLev train that Japan is building. It will go 580 Kph, which is about 350 Mph. The MagLev we rode was really smooth and quiet. Front view. There is no driver. The unmanned bus that drove us around, though they had some man sitting in the passenger seat which really ruins the picture. A $6 view from the cable cars.