Top 5 Lists

Actually I copied this idea from a fellow Fukushima JET's site, but she copied the goals idea from me and told me so we are even. Plus I copied other things in the past from other people so no worries it's all cool.


Favorite Movies
  Shawshank Redemption
  Indiana Jones Triology
  Happy Gilmore / Billy Madison
  Star Wars (3,4,5)
  Tommy Boy
Favorite TV Shows
  Conan O'Brien Show
  The Practice
Favorite Websites - They dress as locals and get their pictures made    My pig is Darwin         Great Search Engine - the name says it all  - Too much free time, my kinda site
Favorite Pastimes
  See Google above
  See Alias, CSI, Scrubs above
  Eating Gyoza
  Studying Japanese
  Creating websites in Cold Fusion
Funniest things I've ever done
  Knocking off the C on a Fast Food Hamburger place's sign that said "Now Hiring Closers".
  A synchronized swimming routine to Final Countdown, with Doug Weider in Chad Duncan's pool graduation night, high school.
  Creating a tape of a baby crying and me screaming at it and then playing the tape on full blast at a local Department Store's stereo area.
  Writing a note to a teacher and acting like the principal wrote it, THEN actually getting the principal to hand it to the teacher.
  Creating chaos at my last company by using Microsoft's anonymous NETSEND command. It pops up a message on your computer.
Coolest things I've done in Japan
  Seen the most photographed shrine in Japan
  Seen the 30 foot statue of Buddha in Kamakura
  Seen 1 of three coolest Lantern Festivals in Nihonmatsu (twice)
  Stayed in a Capsule Hotel
  Taken a bath with 100 guys I didn't know.
Things I really want to do while here (in Japan)
  See the Sapporo Ice Festival
  Go to Thailand
  Go to Fiji
  Visit China and the Great Wall
Things you'll never hear an English Teacher say
  I wonder if we are effectively teaching English?
  It's ok if we don't make it ALL the way through the textbook.
  They only scored %30 on the test, maybe we should stop and review.
  WOW, we are so fortunate to have an ALT.
  I'm not an expert in English, how you you pronounce this?
Things you'll never hear a Japanese driver say
  Let's not back into this space today.
  I look left, right, then left again.
  It's turning yellow, let's slow down.
  I can't park here, it's the middle of the road.
  I enjoy paying Shaken. (Yearly inspection around $2,000)
Worst things about learning Japanese
  Kanji, only 1,945 characters to learn. Each with 1 or more meanings, and each with 2 or more different readings.
  Grammar backwards from English. Where is the bathroom? As for the bathroom, where is it?
  Having a different counter for everything. 3 Cars, sandai; 3 people, sannin; 3 plates, sanmai; 3 bottles, sanbon; 3=san
Coolest JET websites (excluding this one...)
Really Irritating Things
Worst Language Mistakes
Funniest in-class Engrish
  Ryan Sensei, can you pronounce Else correctly, it should be "LLz"
  How long are you? (How tall are you)
  "You are very right" (from textbook)
Favorite English Words
Favorite Japanese Words
  Takadanobaba - A station in Tokyo
  Nama mugi nama gome nama tamago - a tongue twister
  akapajama - red pajamas
  Gyuu Nyuu - milk
  Buyo - bug
Favorite Japanese Foods
  Curry Rice
  Goma Salad Dressing
Current Addictions
  CC Lemon
Current Procrastinated Things
  Exercising daily
  Eating right
  Taking vitamins and such regularly
  Studying Japanese consistently
Movies I've Never Managed to Actually See
  Scarface series
  Streetcar Named Desire
  All of the Godfathers
Habits I Wish I Could Break
  Capitalizing the First Letter of Each Word
  Tapping my fingers on the desk
  Bouncing my leg (sign of being poor in Japan)
Places I've never been, but really should have.
  New York
  Chicago (stopped there for layover once)
  Washington D.C.
  The Keys