Tokyo Trip Pictures
Dec 23 - Jan 2


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Meiji Shrine. Some old temple that partially survived the bombings in WW2 and the big earthquake before that. Another view of the same shrine. It made a big square. There's a video of it, but this part is the most impressive. Big and Old. Saitama Stadium where my High School soccer team played and won the first of five National Finals. Just heard from Hiraki, we have won 3 of 5 so far. A strange looking building right in the middle of the picture. Some say it's phallic, I think it's like a tear drop.
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A huge Taiko drum, I think it was about 8 feet tall. It was at the shrine and I guess they beat it on special holidays. The entrance to Meiji Shrine has two old archways. They are from Taiwanese trees and over 1700 years old. Tokyo Station has nice architecture. It's a classic brick building and it's one of two central points in Tokyo. Tokyo tower in the far distance. We walked to it and then to Tokyo station. Saved a few bucks on the subway and it was a beautiful day.
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A pagoda at Asakusa. 5 stories I think. Not sure what it was, but we couldn't go in. The building Daisuke lives in. I think it is 35 floors and he lives on the 28th floor. he had a great view of the area. Would have liked to see the 35th floor view. A sign at a Love Hotel. $40 to stay for 3 hours during the afternoon. $46 for 3 hours at night, and then $78 for the night after that. I'll get in a room soon for pictures. The sign outside an exhibit for a treasure of the Meiji Shrine. Notice what I am pointing at. The time they close. Guess what time it is when the picture was taken.
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Yet another example of bathrooms where people can see straight in whiles are taking care of business. A wall of sake at Meiji shrine. I think it was really old, but either way it was tall and there were a lot of them. The shrine at Asakusa has a pit where there is a fire burning and the smoke is sacred smoke and people wave it towards them. Daisuke and I at the base of the exit of the Imperial Palace where 10's of thousands of people were exiting after seeing the emperor wave.
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A small shrine outside of Asakusa temple. Not sure what people do here, but it was cool. The inside of the big Asakusa shrine. You throw money in a box and clap twice and good things happen. This is a crazy picture. Click the link above and look at the very ends of the roofing system. There is a symbol inside the circles. See if you recognize it. The crazy crows followed us around Meiji shrine and cawwed at us. It was really spooky. We were sure they were saying "I got them on the west side, can I move in for the attack?"
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The front of Asakusa shrine. The end of the shrine. The Imperial Bridge that is famous for something. I think it's wooden and old like really old. Young kids get all dressed up and walk around at Harajuku on Sundays. We were there on Sunday. It was cool.
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Dang those graffiti painters and their rude language. those little roughians. More young freaky kids. A Harley Davidson in Japan is a little strange to me, but they are a plenty. Good old Colonel Sanders. We ate there after watching my soccer team win the first of 5 games.

Imperial Palace Tour

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We are only about 2,000 people away from the front. Would be a bad ratio except 400,000 people are there. People waving flags at the emperor. A guard house on the corner of the Imperial property. A different Imperial thing on the property.
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Yet a 3rd Imperial building, but this one was inside the Imperial property. The lines where we lined up for the entrance. Each line holds nearly 5,000 people. The Emperor's brief little speech. His entire family was there. More frantic waving the little Japanese Flags at the Emperor and his family.

Short Videos

Cool food that we had to cook ourselves A cool building with a video screen as the front A 360 view of inside Meiji Shrine A huge 25-Foot TV screen on the side of a building.
Kaiten sushi on the little conveyor belt The long Imperial House The Asakusa Pagoda. It was an Abe Pagoda The main intersection at Shibuya
Busiest train station in the world The Emperor waving at 50,000 people Saitama Stadium