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Ami-chan. I met her on the first day back in early August when I visited to help with the speech contest. We have been friends since. Junpei-kun. I asked a group a kids if they were all 5th graders and he said he was in 6th, but small. Chihiro. On the volleyball team and a strong spiker. Always smiling and waving when she sees me. Emiri-chan (Emily). A 4th year with Ami-chan. Always nice and smiling.
My favorite kid in the school. Haruna-chan, a 2nd grader I think. She and I play this game where we hold hands and she jumps and I pull her up to about 6 feet. She loves it. She always yells "Ryan sensei" when she sees me and she is too cute. Mako, another volleyball girl. Mami-chan. Just too cute. Always laughing about something. Nami-chan. I can never remember her name. Namida means tear so I point to my eye and say Nami. Also Namie is a town in Fukushima.






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