My Intentionally Cheesy Bulletin Boards


Culture Corner, where I share tidbits about different cultures.
I most proud of how the Cs are shared.

My weekly Natural Fun English board. It has the phrase, the meaning, and the pronunciation.

My Did You Know board. This page shows various "size" variants. Like HUGE versus TINY.

The weekly "Challenge". This sheet says "what is the shortest English word".

The answer is "I".

This is the weekly New Words board. It's empty now, but usually it has photos and words.
It was created by the person before me, and it's a great idea so I keep doing it.

This is the daily lobby English phrase. It's done by a separate teacher.

I also have the whole elementary school labeled in English and how to pronounce it.

Another example to prove it is the whole school, not just the light switches.