name info priority completed story
1 of 5 new goals        
2 of 5 new goals        
3 of 5 new goals        
4 of 5 new goals        
5 of 5 new goals        
Temple Thing details high not yet -
Sumo Practice / Match details high Jan  2006 story
Great China Wall details high Possibly July 2007 -
Lose 50 pounds duh ! high not yet -
Australia details medium not yet -
Moscow details medium not yet -
Hawaii details medium not yet -
Trans-Siberian Express details medium not yet -
Burma details medium Dec 2005 Story
Kuala Lumpur (Petronas) details medium Dec 2005 Story
Thai Beach details medium Dec 2005 Story
Singapore details medium Dec 2005 Story
Fiji details low not yet -
Japanese baseball game details medium not yet -
Akita Winter Festival details medium not yet -
Shink repair station details high not yet -
Undersea Tunnel details high Aug 19th no story, it was a tunnel.
Overnight train details medium Aug 19th Story

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