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Things I Really Love


1) When you are washing dishes with scalding water and wearing gloves. Then you reach over to get Mr. Spoon who was visiting Mr. Drain and the glove bends in a way so that said scalding water fills up your glove. Your glove that is too tight to begin with and is hard to get off. Man I love that. I don't think it is possible for me to love that one any more. If someone said "Hey is it possible for you to love that glove story any more than you do now", I would tell them no.

2) Mistaking spray on hair gel for spray on deodorant.

3) Learning my fuse box canít handle the oven, steamer, A/C, Computer, and TV all at once. However, it apparently can handle it until I am completely soaped up in the shower. At night.

4) When you take a shower and have tunes playing on your computer. You turn the volume up loud enough so you can hear it, but not so loud as to disturb the neighbors. Then when you are fully soaped up, the song changes to one that was recorded considerably louder than the first one.

5) You leave your apartment/house for the day and drive around breathing in the fresh spring air. Then you return to your place and when you open the door you smell some smell and realize that is your smell.

6) You are in the shower and the hot water keeps getting less and less hot. You keep adjusting the water temperature until water was causing the heat reduction adjusts itself and the temperature returns to normal. Though you now have it set to scald.

7) Spilling water on your crotch at school and trying to convince kids you actually spilled water.








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