The Shinobu Beast.

Three of the many Buddha statues around the mountain.

A closer shot of the little statues.

The little Buddhas had a great view of Fukushima. The big tracks are the bullet train going into the mountain.


We followed a clear path up the hill for a ways, the whole time there were little Buddha statues all around us, maybe watching maybe spying, maybe just sitting and being peaceful. Finally we came to the top of the path and found what I was looking for. The entrance to the secret airplane factory inside Shinobu mountain.

The sign says "Stay the #%&@ away!".

At one time there was a way in under the cement, but things have fallen in the way now.


From here we could see the other shrine that I wanted to go to. There was a fire in June of 2002 and it burned a scar up the mountain as can be seen in the top picture of this set. The shrine was covered by trees, but now it is visible. You can see the shrine in the top photo, but I will zoom in to make it easier.


It's just above the house.


As you can see it's pretty small from the ground. When we found the secret factory entrance we were in sight of it, so I said let's go see it. Well it ended up not being as close as I thought. Maybe because I was looking through one of those "Objects May Appear Closer Than They Really Are" mirrors. But we eventually worked out way over to it, though it wasn't easy. I assumed there would be a path to the shrine so we could descend that way.

The shrine itself was a bit odd, but also cool. It was a tall tower that seemed to cover some wooden thing inside. There was a locked building beside it as well as a big platform so people could worship it or see the city. Who knows, but it was pretty cool.

Said platform.

Said tower.


Sign that says "Do NOT go this way". Guess which way we came from......

Yea, it was equally as not-fun as it looks.

Then we went down the mountain to leave. On the way, I saw a path that led down to the shinkansen tunnel so we explored that. There was a little park above the tunnel entrance. It looked more like Alcatraz than a park, but I guess people would try to go down into the tunnel, which is too tight for a person and a train.

We thought about jumping down into the tunnel and maybe mooning the trains, but then we saw:

The driver is yelling "Dangerous". Notice his show fell off and there is some strange hand at the bottom.


Since the mountain is considered sacred, they had to build a shrine above the tunnel to ask forgiveness.