The school festival at the special school, the school the cute teacher from the Halloween page works at, was a little bizarre. This part was normal, they did something on the stage and then projected it on a screen. The strange thing will come later.

A blurry picture of three cool students asking for a donation for something.

A skit from the class I always went to. It was Eriko's class. The guy in the pink bowtie is Autistic.
He can mimic English really good and remember it for a long time. He can't really speak much,
but he will occasionally just say something fluent.

A close up of him.

A close up of him point at me. Not really, but pointing no less.

The whole group on the stage. This was about 3 classes.

This was the bizarre thing. They inflated this potato head thing, which is actually a pancake.
They were playing really psychedelic music and doing strange chants. Then they rolled all these
kids out around the room in cribs. They kids were waving and staring. It was something out of a
drug induced mental journey from a movie.

The small Iizaka line train I took there and back.

The train coming down the tracks. Choo choo.