second trip [September 2003]


A better shot of the Nikko Pagoda.

The entrance to the shrines.

Who can resist pictures of babes and pagodas?

The inside of Nikko's Toshogu shrine. The famous New Zealand Sacred Horse and 3 monkeys are on the l where
the people are gravitating to. Some shrine is under reconstruction to the right.

A very Japanese style picture, feel free to download it and use it as wall paper, or take some of these pictures too.

The main part of Nikko's Toshogu shrine. You frequently see that main entrance way in the middle on pictures.
Nikko / Toshogu is supposed to be the most photographed place in Japan.

Page one has the See no Evil. Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil monkeys, and beside it is the
"Went out Drinking Now Hurling Monkey" as well as the "I got your back, it will be alright Monkey".

Then there is the "See how far back my neck will Bend Monkey" and the "I'm going to hump this Branch Monkey"

A shot to the right of the main entrance of the Toshogu shrine.

A somewhat center and to the left of the main shrine. Trying to get the full spectrum of pictures in here.

A dead on Center picture, which would be better if everyone got out of the way.

The money maker. The main part of Toshogu in Nikko. It's all covered in gold and really kicks butt.

A cool shrine on the side of the main entrance.

From the left - Wendy, Ben, Michelle, Neil, Chris.

A close up shot of the cool gold part of the main entrance way.

Another small tower on the side. There are stairs to go in it but they are blocked off.

Opposite side, same type thing.

More gold, another close up, yadda yadda yadda.

One of the guard lions guarding the entrance.

The secret of the Nikko Shrines and the monks....

Another tall entrance to some shrine.

And another.

This one had a long cool entrance walkway, you can barely see it in the background.

Another cool gate way.

A smaller version of the famous bridge in Nikko.

Yet another cool entrance way to another cool part of the shrines.

No more captions are really needed, you get the idea.

We have no idea why there are cups hanging on the toilets.