Fukushima City Sights


A number of people have emailed me or signed my guestbook and told me they are coming to either Fukushima Prefecture or Fukushima City. Well if you are coming to F-city then you will be my neighbor, so the least I can do is welcome you by showing you around in advance. I'll spend a day or so taking pictures of anything and everything and try to give a detailed explanation of where it all is. Even though when you get here you'll find that everything you imagined is not at all like it actually is.

But at least I tried.

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The far tannish building is where Fukushima Orientation takes place. It must be crazy day in town, he was playing an elevator version of Axel Foley and Herbie Hancock's Rock It. The dollar store on the right and above that is Pineapple House with a nice Beer Garden. If there is no where to go, go up. A strange looking building in the middle of town.
The famous Paseo street which is cobblestone and curvy and has many nice restaurants. Mana's Indian restaurant. Trendy Market, but upstairs is God Funky Paradise a techno bar. The shrine across from GFP and Mana's and near the MS JETs apartments. Which is here, the Middle School JETs apartments.
Another view of the MS apartments of which they pay no rent. The garage area of the no rent building. Another view, still no rent is being paid from this angle. I'm not bitter really. This seemed cool at the time. Shinobu Mountain, on the other side is SATY and Kitako.
The Tunnel under Shinobu Mt. Yamada Denki is a nice electronics store. SATY can be seen in the lower right or far right, and this is some park by the river. SATY, which is not even a Japanese word. JUST something and Kappa sushi, only $1 a plate. Woo Hoo. I had lunch here.
The other side of the tunnel. The tunnel again, looks like it never ends. Me in the tunnel riding with my right hand, snapping the motion pic with my left. The main post office. If you have a package here you can pick it up 24/7. Crazy huh. A cool building in the distance.
The front of my apartment building. See how close the CC Lemon machine is. HEY those are my drinks, get away. Not sure how this happened, but it looks cool.    


I'll retake these later.

Ok this is a really sad and rough layout of Fukushima city. It's a much bigger city than I expected. There are tall buildings and it spans out a good distance. This is simply the main area around the station, but it goes on for miles in different directions. It is more or less surrounded by tall mountains.

Here are some pictures taken from photo spot #1. They are more or less a panorama of the station and the city. I am standing on the bridge from the boring West side to the exciting East side. Picture one was taken a few yards back from the rest.

The back of the shinkansen station on the right, the rails seen here are for the local trains. The fun part of the city can be seen in the middle. A better shot of the actual back of the station. It's on top. To the left is the bridge connecting the stations.


Fukushima station is a medium large station as this shot shows. Bigger than many, but not as big as Koriyama. Focusing on the main part of the city and some tall buildings.
The bridge I'm on as well as another city shot.


Taken from position 2 showing the street that separates the city and the station. Taken from #3 in front of Nakago looking at the East side local train station entrance. Looking behind me down ekimae street. This view would be seen if you were standing in the previous picture looking out. Memorize this street since Fukushima Orientation is down at the end of it. From #3 again.
Taken about 10 yards left of #3 spot showing just left of the East train entrance. Newdays is a convenience store, beside it is a nice ramen place. Hey another shot of the East side train entrance in case you'd forgotten it already. Taken from same place as previous photo (to the left) Taken from #4 right in front of my new apartment BOOYA - I am close. #3 spot is at the base of the tallish building in the middle. The station is to the left in that building with yellow writing Lumine. Apparently I moved my head about 2 inches and took nearly the same shot again.

I'm an idiot.

The public bath on the West side, 1 of 2 reasons why I go to the West side. Don't worry it's not coed in the same room, but you gotta try it. It rocks, especially in the winter. There are 1.4 million registered bikes in Fukushima. West side local and shinkansen train entrance. You can get to the shinks from the other side as well. Looking to the left of the picture to the left. Another part of the front of the West side. You'll probably never go here except to look around.
Reason 2 why I would go to the West side, Ito Yokado is the closest thing to Wal Mart in Fukushima. Groceries on the 1st floor, clothes on the second, and housewares on the 3rd. They actually have a Big and Tall section for me. I'm tall not big. Denny's which is a classy place here, and Genki sushi a kaiten sushi which means it comes around on a conveyor belt.

Doesn't the van look like a miniature model?