Kyoto 2005


The quite lovely Gold Shrine. Another view of said Shrine. The famous Zen rock garden. There are 15 stones, but only the enlightened one can see more than 14 at a time. I could see 15 from one angle, but I didn't take a photo from that spot to prove it.
        But here are all 15.
The wall and moat of Nijo Castle in Kyoto. I am really impressed with walls and moats built hundreds of years ago. Seriously.
Anyone want to watch me pee? A nice Japan-ish corner thing. Now that's an entrance to a shrine. The entrance led up to Heian shrine. It was ok.
Another view of Heian Shrine. These are actual "shoes" geishas wore hundreds of years ago. They are called Getas. I can't imagine. The famous Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto. Built on a cliff. It was impressive. Here's the entrance to Kiyomizu temple.
A night view of Fushimi near Kyoto. These Tori gates went on for miles. Just a bit too dark. I love being Tall in Japan. I was standing upright in the shower. GIMME SOME DAMN FOOD OR I WILL BITE YOUR BUTT.
You act all cute and I will sneak around and bite his butt. These cute girls took English at a local school. The teacher had the smart idea of bringing them here to speak to native English speakers. They spoke better than my academic high school students. Toudaiji temple. The largest wooden structure in the world. The original temple was "considerably larger" than this one. Wow. Apparently this is where they study urine at this temple.

"we don't need a native speaker to chek English, we can spoke just fine".