The windows that we would place our bets at.

The windows at which our bets would be placed.

A front shot.

Yet another front shot. This place was big.

Our seats were almost directly on the finish line. Which we found out really plays no bearing on anything.

I jumped on the track and snapped this classic shot.

Or I took a picture of a poster for the horse race.

We paid $15 for reserved seats. We were on the 3rd level up,
which was really the 4th floor since the ground floor is the second floor.

The seats went on as far as I could see.

Sometimes they ran on dirt, sometimes they ran on grass. When they ran on grass we could get close.
Not "get close" as in get to know each other better, we could get near the horses.

Our reserved seats.

The backs of our reserved seats.

The scoreboard in the middle of the track. Sorry for the picture quality, digital zoom sucks.

A big screen near the scoreboard that shows the action. We walked through the tunnel to the middle part.

Before each race the jockeys would walk the horses around for display. I really don't know what this accomplishes,
they all look the same. I guess experts know what to look for.

Yet another shot of a horse.

Here's a winning shot. Our horse won. I had bet 500 yen on the horse to actually win so I won 3,000 yen.
That would have been nice to bet a few hundred thousand dollars on. Why can't I see into the future a few minutes?

The girls had to have their pictures made with this pimp looking old guy. He gave us some advice.
He was betting at least $500 on each bet, sometimes several per race.

These dudes are hardcore. They woke up at 4:30am and came down from a different prefecture to see the race.
Then they stayed around and went to a party that night until 4am. Hardcore.