Alan from South Africa dressed as a solider.
Neil from the UK dressed as Austin Powers.

Chiharu, a girl I teach privately occasionally, dressed as a "hooker cat" as she said.

Edit from new Orleans, a 3rd degree black belt, dressed as a Cat.

Steven from Scotland, dressed as Eddie Explosive &
Colette from London dressed as Fook U from Austin Powers.

Dane, a Nova teacher, dressed as Darth Maul, Gene and Eve in the background.

Chiharu again, with Amanda from the UK dressed as Fook Mi, from Austin Powers.

Some cute kid who was really too young to be here.

Yoko dressed as Darth Maul. Andy acting drunk or something, and Sumi dressed as a hippie.

A lousy picture of Eriko. She is the cute teacher at the special school I go to occasionally.

Amy from Michigan, dressed as the Exit sign person, which you can almost see above her.

A better picture of the winning costumes.

Johan dressed as an old obnoxious lady, Dore dressed as a Bunny, and Richard as Hugh Hefner possibly.

David and Corey came as construction workers.

Molly as someone famous I can't think of now.

Noriko and Michelle.

Noriko and drunk Yoko.