My pathetic attempt at a bulletin board. Here are pics of my Sapporo trip. The gym before the students enter. The stage with strange god-like heating element. Once I entered the room as the band was warming up with a minor scale and the heater looked really god-like maybe from the Incas or something. Another shot of the stage.
Some nice graduating students who wanted a picture with me. Possibly my favorite student, her name is Noriko and she religiously wrote an English journal each week. Along with Noriko, Natsumi #2 was in the English club. The leader was also named Natsumi so I called this one #2. Right at the end of the year this girl started writing an English journal. It was good, but I never heard her say anything in English.
A really nice girl I would always see in the hall. A really cute 2nd year. She always smiles and says "Hello Lie-ahn" when she sees me. A girl I remember from when she was a first year. Always a good student, sorry to see her leave. Some girls in a class I went in to see.

Chuo Graduation & Party

The new zoo revue, coming after you. Sorry, the new Thai suit. It is slightly slimming. The much smaller set up for the night school's graduation with 29 students. The 3rd girl always looks older to me. I saw her working once and thought she was 25. I asked if she had a younger sister and she no, it was her. Wow. The English teacher from last year. She would always freak out when I said things like "I am going to Tokyo this weekend". She couldn't believe that. I don't know why.
Four nice 4th years. This school has 4 years whereas all others have 3 years. The girl on the right always spoke English to me and sent me emails. Miyuki-san. (me you key) Ryan and Liz sitting on a couch, K-I-S-S-I-N-flouch. Nothing rhymes with couch, and we weren't kissing anyway. Some of the sushi and what not at the after party. It was fun, but as you can see, not much food.