The Japanese people have a fixation with English. So much of one they use it incorrectly quite often. Some examples are "Let's Do Talk !!" (a phone advertisement). 

Another is for the act of riding a train, why not combine the words into "Traing".  It's called Engrish since that's how English is pronounced by many who can't pronounce the "L" sound. 

I'll post as many Engrish pics here as I can find. They are truly entertaining.

If I had $1 for all the stupid Engrish shirts I have seen
I would be rich. I'll try to get more pics.

Total Dancing Fashion
Part of a sign at a dance school.

Good American style hamburgers,
but lousy English.

this was taken from a child's diary.
let me repeat that a child's diary.

No idea what this was.

This is a wrapper of chocolate cookies from my Appi skit trip.
Although you can't read it, it says:

A very wide plain is in this Highland
and it can play with the cow, the horse
and the small animal. The milk which
has just been squeezed, and delicious
ice cream can be tasted. A heart
and a body will be healed when
it is wrapped by this Highland's
refreshing air.