A shot of some girls at the night school.

One of my favorite students. She was really quiet and shy and I finally got her to open up a little after being there for a year.
Then I was removed from the school my a drunken fecal spewing baboon.

Some of the non-punk boys.

More of the non-punk boys. The guy with the pony tail always refused my chocolate.

One of the 2 or 3 cool girls who really tries. She's one of the girls I wondered why she was here.
She could not only function at a regular school, she could also excel.
Her name is Eri, which also means collar, so I would point to it when I called on her.

Another shot of the girls.

Yet another.

These girls killed me. They were so loud and obnoxious. They really bugged me. In the US,
as well as most other countries they would have been expelled by now.

One of the punks. His name is Kenta and he frequently took a call in class and then walked out.
It was almost funny to be honest.

Liz teaching a class about Halloween. I was dressed as a vampire, hence my name on the board.

The English teacher at the night school, Nao sensei. He was really cool. I miss him.

One of the blurry cool boys at the school, and Kenta in the background.

Naoki, from the picture above, and then some of the punks.

I feel bad for this girl. All she wants is a friend and to be loved. Last year when she was a first year student,
she was really cool. She hung out with the girls in the front of the room, but the loud obnoxious girls suckered her in.
Now she's loud and obnoxious. It really breaks my heart. She is ruining her life because of her need to fit in.
But there is nothing I can do. Nothing.