All the teachers of the night school, my favorite school I no longer go to because I work for morons.

A split feature on my camera of the Home Ec teacher and the lunchroom lady,
then the vice principal and a cute teacher.

The lunchroom lady again and a science teacher.

The office guy and the math teacher. The math teacher is cool, but spoke no English.

The P.E. teacher, always in sweats, and a history or geography teacher.

The teacher I have a secret crush on and another one. She's married, but still cute in an older way.
At this party we joked that she should have a Japanese husband and a foreign boyfriend.


There are only about 10-12 teachers at the whole school and I really like going there, but some moron donkey butt at the state building who doesn't even speak English decided to flip flop us around. He has the mental capacity of sheep dung. He put people randomly all around the place. Is it obvious I have no love for these people?