We passed the Koriyama Asahi Beer factory on the way. The Big Palette Convention Center from the outside. Of course there must be an opening ceremony. Afterwards these cute kids walked around and played flutes. Then some adults played guitars and what not.
Our Quiz Challenge game. See the answers on the back wall. Marchell, from New Zealand, ready for action. his first really cute kid and the ball game in the back ground. This little kid broke out in a tantrum later. Barbara and her selection of paintings.
The American flag was popular. The Spiderman recipient was actually a JET who did some face painting later. His 2nd cute paintee. Barbara painting something.
A cute girl waiting in line. Another one. One who actually posed. One who smiled.
A more detailed work. Marchell and his full face Hello Kitty. Spidey paints someone. Another cute paintee.
The picture that the painting on the right was based on. Marchell's first full face of the day. The Power Rangers showed up and protected us against the trash bag creature. My statement or something. I was told to hold the sign and sign something.
Marchell doing another of his full face paintings. Perhaps the coolest kid at the whole event. She just sat down and talked to us after it was over. She had a really cool personality. Many kids were too shy or would run away, but she came right over and started jabbering and showing us some cards with pictures of dolls on them. Her name was Ayaka. Her parents came over about 30 minutes later and found her. 30 minutes. The cool walkway to the Big Palette.