Bandai Azuma Active Dangerous Volcano


It doesn't look that high does it? The highest point is 1,707 meters high. That's high. This hike didn't look too fun, but it also didn't look too bad. Once we got to the top there was a great view of the area. This part, though you can't tell from the camera, looks like a UFO crash landed. This is the inside of the volcano. It doesn't look big from the picture, but if you look across the top of the crater you can see little tiny people walking around. It took Meg and I 45 minutes to walk around it.
A vertical picture of the crater, you still can't see how deep it really was. Meg and I posing for a picture. I was squinting since it was so bright, but it was a pleasant 65 degrees at the top. Everyone backs into all spaces, except the foreigners. Can you guess which is our car?