I did mention I was really close to the tracks right? This is taken from my front door. The area around the river. Here kids are playing baseball or something. A strange building, I think it's a restaurant.
A few of the thousands of apartments around my place. And why is ADSL not available here yet? The back view of the apartments, notice the big green balls? They are full of gas, I think that's the gas company, or someone who likes gas. This is also the area I waited for the local train, but no luck. The shinkansen system amazes me. These huge tracks run the length of Japan. They don't go up or down very fast and only slightly and gradually turn. This part is about 75 feet in the air.
Some statue of a naked girl stretching by the river. I guess if you really like golf, but can't play anywhere else, build your own little driving range on the roof. A Shrine I found in the middle of no where. I mean it was in the middle of the city, but just between two houses.