Aizu International Festival July 6th

Seated in the grey shirt is Azusa who we called Medusa all night, although she is the exact opposite. Then me, and Sachiko, and Kris Gravender. Azusa again. I got her keitai email and we have been chatting. She might come visit. The two girls again. Sachiko's English is better, but who cares. This is Jeff's house in Aizu, it makes me sick. He has two bedrooms, and two big rooms and a high kitchen. This is the living room.
This is another living room where we sleep when he has parties. This is another shot of the first living room. It makes me sick because he pays $80 a month for it. Here is our map of "Where do English Teachers come from". The kids would have to guess, although the answers were in the board. Jeff standing behind the booth. There were about 20 other booths.
The kids had to do warm up exercises before the event. They always do that here. Our football toss game which has somehow turned into a Australian thing. All of a sudden these BOOYA fine cheerleaders got on the stage and started cheering. The crowd was equally enthralled in the cheerleaders as I was.
The host is a JET named Christina. She's great and really puts effort into these things. I mean look at what she wore. These ladies were from Thailand or Malaysia. I didn't go to their booth, but they looked nice. Chad gets the A+ award for effort I think. All on his own he had a hockey game with pads and pucks and sticks. The kids had to hit it in the goal. They loved it. He also had a TV with a hockey game for the kids. After the adult cheerleaders drove the men crazy, the cute little kids came out and really looked so cute. I wanted to hug them all, but again, that probably wouldn't go over well.
Later there was a Karate demonstration, which I thought was odd, being that this is Japan and I am sure they are already familiar. Doesn't this look painfully awkward? Try to sit like her? My knee won't bend that way. More Karate, a white belt against a black belt. The reason I do these fairs. The little kids are too cute, and they are all high energy.