Banzai !!

They actually love this. We all throw our hands in the air and scream Banzai three times. Look at their faces, they are all so happy to do this. Plus most of them are tanked since this was at the end of the party.


There are about 9-10 tables like this full of beer, wine, sake, and tea. They are all around the room. The wait staff or sometimes the teachers, run around grabbing them and puring people's drinks. There is never a shortage.


Some guy at the International Fair in Koriyama dressed as a bird or chicken and walked around. It had no real relevance to being international, but it was funny. I took his picture.

10 Story Drill

The ten story drilling crane thing I mentioned in one journal. I think it's cools even if you don't. I think the picture is sideways. I don't have Frontpage so I can't right it.

Do a Little Dance

I really forgot why he was dancing a little jig. It was funny enough at the time for me to snap a pic. He looks like he is saying "hambone hambone where ya been ?". That's the cool smooth Principal in the background.


An enkai is a drinking party. This is a typical drinking party. When I say I am going to an enkai, I'll be at an event like this. The people standing are pouring drinks for higher ups. Sometimes the higher ups pour drinks for the lowers just to show they are one of us. Keeping it real.

Cool Teacher

A cool teacher named Fukase. He teaches Japanese and I ask him questions. He seems to know all the cool hidden bars in Fukushima. He's on the far right playing with his coat pockets. That crazy guy.

Ito Sensei

Another cool teacher. Also teaches Japanese. His wife had a baby almost a year ago. Well I guess it was August. I suggested he name his son "Jimmy Jack" or "Judge", but it didn't pan out. Good ole Ito.


The kimono is the Japanese equivalent of a nice formal dress for women. They wear kimonos on formal occasions far more than dressing up. Even young children wear them. They don't have a prom here, but if they did, they'd wear a kimono. She's crying because her students of 3 years are graduating and she is also leaving the school.


Here is a pic of an English teacher and the principal (right). Too bad he is retiring this year. He was really mellow, and I liked him a lot. maybe he'll come up and hang out at the school, although I seriously doubt that.


Meg sitting on my bed (when it was in the main room) using my computer. We were watching a movie and she has no computer at home so she checked canada.com or something.


A party at Wara Wara. From left to right is Junya, Corrinn (they were dating), Julie, Arwen (Corrinn's ex-boyfriend's mother from Canada (yea that's odd)), and Meg's head as she's filming something for Renata who left without saying bye. The little blue bottle and blue glass are filled with sake.


Did you read the Ricky Martin story from an August post? This is the guy. His real name is Rikimaru which sounds like Ricky Martin would in Japanese. He's really cool and always chats with me or loans me videos. I like to drink with him.